Wide zoom

The professional lens series features high optical performance, dustproof and splashproof construction, and excellent image quality for all shooting environments.

Standard zoom

Zoom lenses covering semi-wide angle of 12mm to 180mm (35mm equivalent focal length: 24-360mm), and the telephoto capability resulting in versatile zoom lenses that can be used for everything from portraits to landscapes.

Telephoto zoom

The standard lens series features compact and lightweight construction for fun and easy shooting.

Single focal-length

Single focal-length lenses with unique characteristics. A telephoto lens capture subjects at a distance, a fisheye lens that goes beyond your natural field of view, and a standard lens that is akin to a natural field of view. Single focal length lenses provide a sense of depth in the image.


Macro lenses allow for close-up shooting to bring out the detail of small subjects. The world of close-up photography goes beyond the vision of the everyday world that fascinates users the moment they look through the viewfinder.