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About Olympus Malaysia Information

Globally, Olympus is recognized as the leader in optical, electronic and Tokyo, Japan and provides a wide range of products for the consumer, scientific, health care and industrial markets. Some of the products include digital cameras, silver halide cameras, micro cassette and digital voice recorders, computer peripherals, industrial endoscopes, biological and metallurgical microscopes, measuring instruments and clinical analyzers. A believer in always being in the forefront of high quality products and performance, Olympus continues to develop revolutionary products in the electronic and precision technologies.
Olympus coined the term "opto-digital technology" to represent a complete integration of traditional optical technology and advanced digital technology. The Olympus Malaysia office was established in 2001 with the same direct, single-minded spirit towards the achievement of innovative management and value creation through its high quality products. The Malaysian office is principally involved in the marketing of digital cameras, accessories and digital voice recorders.
Olympus is widely recognized by Malaysians as a brand that produces high quality, stylish products, such as digital cameras. Olympus remains committed to the Malaysian market and to producing world-class products that allow Malaysians to tell their unique digital stories.