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VG-110 | Compact Digital Cameras

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Full array of functions with 4x zoom in a slim body

The VG-110 is equipped with 4x zoom lens from wide angle of 27mm in a slim, stylish body. Equipped with an abundant array of easy-to-use automatic functions like iAUTO which enables any user to easily take beautiful pictures, and automatic tracking AF for face detection, it is simple to use even for novices. Also pressing the "?" button within the Menu display allows you to view descriptions of the functions.

360° view

Basic Performance

Effective pixels 12 megapixels
Optical zoom 4X
Wide-angle shooting 27mm (35mm camera equivalent)
Image stabilization DIS *1 (High-sensitivity shooting)
LCD monitor 2.7-inch, 230,000 dots, TFT color LCD
Movie recording VGA (AVI Motion JPEG)
SZ-10 front SZ-10 back SZ-10 top

12M and 4x optical wide zoom with DIS*1

Using higher ISO sensitivities allows the use of faster shutter speeds, reducing camera movement and subject blur. Images shot in this mode will have less noise and better color reproduction than images shot just using a high ISO.

14 megapixel CCD, 12.5x optical zoom and DUAL IS

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Full array of automatic shooting functions


iAUTO function that analyzes the current composition and optimizes camera settings automatically.

Shadow Adjustment Technology (SAT)

"Shadow Adjustment Technology" that detects faces of subjects and optimizes focus and exposure accordingly.

Magic Filters *2

Specially designed to expand the potential of digital photography, the Magic Filter exploits image processing technology to turn scenes of everyday life into extraordinary images that are distinctive and compelling.

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And more

  • Scene Modes for one-touch shooting adjustment in difficult environments as well as in standard conditions.
  • Face Detection AF with which the camera detects and focuses on human faces automatically.
  • AF Tracking to keep a moving subject in focus by tracking it automatically.
  • USB battery charging enables the camera battery to be recharged from a PC.
  • Compatible media ; SD / SDHC / SDXC memory cards.
  • *1 The image stabilization effect may vary depending on shooting conditions.
  • *2 While shooting using Magic Filters, the frame rate may change depending on the filter used.
  • * The photo is for illustrative purposes only.
  • * Product availability depends on sales areas.
  • * Color availability depends on sales areas.

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