FD-1 Flash Diffuser

The FD-1 is an accessory for use in hand-held macro shooting. It uses cameras' built-in flash for lighting macro shots in dark locations and for photographing moving subjects such as insects. It can also be used for creative shots not achievable by SLRs, such as keeping subjects bright underwater or keeping the background dark for an atmospheric shot. Because the FD-1 is equipped with a light output switching lever, you can adjust the lighting output in approximately 1.4 steps to match the shooting conditions.

LG-1 LED Light Guide

The LG-1 uses an LED light on the camera body to evenly illuminate your subject enabling completely shadow-free photography.

XCG-2 Premium Grip

A replaceable grip especially designed for the XZ-2. Choose from either a subtle sand beige or burgundy colour, or a more vibrant red colour.

LC-63A Automatic Open/Close Cap

Lens cap for XZ-1 and XZ-2. A spring mechanism opens and closes the cap automatically in response to your extending and retracting of the lens barrel. This enables shooting while the lens cap stays mounted.

VF-3 Electronic Viewfinder

This electronic viewfinder uses a compact nd lightweight LCD panel. With a high resolution of 920,000 dots, a 100% field of view, long eye relief of 17.4mm, and 90° tilt mechanism, this viewfinder enables stable framing for outdoor, low-angle, and telephoto shooting. It also comes with a shoe lock mechanism for peace of mind.

  • When using with the XZ-2, XZ-1, E-P2, E-PL1, E-PL1s, and E-PL2, the firmware must be updated to the latest version.

VF-2 Electronic Viewfinder

With a high resolution of 1.44 million dots, 100% field of view, and a magnification of 1.15x, this live viewfinder is easy to use. It features outstanding contrast and brightness, rivalling that of external colour viewfinders on professional video cameras. It also comes with dioptre adjustment.

SEMA-1 Microphone Set

When the SEMA-1 is attached to the hot shoe and accessory port, this microphone adapter set enables use of a stereo microphone. This can be used to realise higher quality stereo linear PCM recording.

USB connection cable

This cable provides a USB connection between a digital camera and computer. There are various cables depending on the camera model.

  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Some accessories are included with the digital camera while others are sold separately. Check the digital camera items for details.


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